Shots fired – 1 dead

Gunfire broke out at Azadi Square towards the end of today’s protest and AP reported at least one killed and several wounded. The shooting reportedly came from a compound used by the basij. Time later published this picture supposedly showing the victim.

Although several  Twitter reporters claimed four people died this was never subsequently confirmed, nor the claim that the crowd pounced of the shooter and killed him too.

@persiankiwi is quoting reliable sources in Ahvaz saying there have been violent clashes there.

Meanwhile the Persian website Bamdad Khabar says 119 professors have resigned at Tehran University after last night’s attacks on the dorms. According to a translation of the report on the Adndrew Sullivan site, thay have “asked for the resignation of Farhad Rahbari the appointed president of Tehran University, for his incompetence in defending the University’s dignity and student lives.”

A similar protest has supposedly been made by professors at Shiraz University.

This just in from

Another sign of Government re-alignment in the face of the demonstrations: Press TV reports Speaker of the Parliament Ali Larijani has appointed a committee, headed by the Deputy Speaker, to investigate “unpleasant incidents” such as the security forces’ raid on the dormitories of Tehran University, and compile a “complete and impartial report”. Members of the Iranian Parliament, the Majlis, who toured the dormitories have called for the release of students detained in the raids.


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