No peace for the wicked

Just when you thought it was safe to go out and buy a kebab … !

… the Twitters and other sources of mine are beginning to swamp us with new info claiming that

— Moussavi has called a national strike tomorrow

– The main basij building is on fire – it turns out this was where the deaths occured.  Seeing a C4 film of the incident it seems the shots were fired by a guard on the roof after the building was set on fire and stones thrown at it.

— Twitter @persiankiwi claims serveral deaths in Isfahan protests. There has been fighting too in Rasht according to other Tweets.

— A student source I have finally managed to contact says there has been an attack on the police station in Tajrish, northern Tehran. It certainly looked earlier as if the protest had moved up to that part of town. @persiankiwi says all roads into Tajrish have now been blocked.

— The student was in Azadi Square and says seven – yes SEVEN people were shot dead next to him. I am a bit guarded on this: he was very emotional, especially having been pepper-sprayed twice by riot cops. I have not seen this figure anywhere else. But my friend is also worried because a student who was with him has disappeared and is not answering his mobile.

— Moussavi has issued a request to his followers to avoid further confrontational action. Instead he has urged that people carry flowers to hand to police and basij with the question: Brother, why are you killing your brother? However my student friend, who by rights should have been sitting his exams today, says there will be another big gathering tomorrow at Vali-Asr.

— Reuter is quoting Moussavi’s website as saying he is not optimistic about the Guardian Council ruling on his appeal because, far from being impartial, many members openly backed Ahmadinejad.

— an idea of the problems caused by this confusion (and some deliberate misleading) is this photo, sent to me to show casualties from Azadi square.


The main  pic is actually from one of the universities (Tehran or Isfahan , I can’t remember which offhand) Sunday night.

— I have just been sent a pic of naked men holding photos of Ahmadinejad in front of their private parts. I don’t think I will share that with you. But it does illustrate one potential danger: if the students or whoever go overboard in their protests against their rulers they could turn off a lot of sympathy for their cause among more conservative members of the public, and provide  a pretext for a massive clampdown.

— I am told the rooftop chantinmg has been slightly amended, because Ahmadinejad’s supporters say Allah-o Akhbar is a sign of support for him. So the new cry is:  Allah-o Akhbar ya Hossain Mir Hossain”.

— Iran has closed the Al Jazeera bureau.


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