To march, or not to march

The BBC and other media this morning are reporting that today’s planned march by Moussavi followers has been called off after being declared illegal. Those planning the demonstration were apparently warned that security forces would be using live ammunition (I thought they always did!)

However Twitter’s IRANELECTION feed carries word from a persistent twitter by the name of persiankiwi that the march is still going to go ahead this afternoon. And CNN, possibly trying to make amends for what was decried as lamentable coverage over the weekend, says the protest goes on.

Andrew Sullivan’s blog says it received word from Moussavi, via the BBC Persian service, that he is under intense pressure to accept the result and is cut off from  all communication (seemingly a confirmation of his house arrest). “I ask the people to stay in the streets but avoid violence.”

The latter will be easier said than done given the authorities do not seem to be holding back now.

Here is a compilation of persiankiwi’s latest entries. If at all reliable they set today’s context.

Internet very slow, dialup only. No facebook, no BBC, CNN, nothing. Even Arab stations blocked. Occasionally I hear gunshots in distance; no idea where.  Seems to be all over city, just like 79. Dawn is breaking. I  can hear prayers from mosques.

Confirmed – Tehran uni dorm 17 seriously injured. No deaths reported yet. I am going to the mosque to pray.  I will try to log on later today . Total communication blackout here; government  panicking, very dangerous.

Unconfirmed, but people saying may killed last night.  The country is at a standstill, like war time. People are confused, frightened.

Peopleare  trying to gather for a march but the roads are blocked everwhere.

I have no news of tehran uni dorm. Rumours that many killed and remainder arrested. There is almost no mobile phone coverage in the city. Landlines are working but cannot access mobiles.

The government is spreading rumours that the march cancelled. That is not true. WE MARCH AT 4pm.

I am now at a friend’s house, trying to get in to uni dorm area.  All roads blocked.


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