Vote fraud to be investigated

AP says Khamenei has ordered the Guardian Council  to investigate the allegations of vote fraud.  Moussavi supporters should not get too excited – this could simply be an attempt to defuse the immediate crisis, although it IS a massive climbdown and does the supreme leader’s reputation no good at all. He has shown the first sign of weakness: the opposition  may feel they should exploit it further.

Certainly, despite Khamenei’s warning to act if Moussavi’s supporters don’t step back, today’s demo still seems to be on and Khatami appears to have decided to join it. But on the Twitter line we are told the state TV has declared the rally illegal and given a warning that police will use an “iron fist” against law breakers.

Our old Twitter friend persiankiwi  is in a class apart! He now reports that Iranian state television has broadcast Moussavi’s protest letter to Khamenei  and reported that the two have met. Khamenei has ordered the “revolutionary council” (?)  to take the letter seriously, but also threatened Moussavi that if he and his supporters do not retreat they will be “dealt with according to law”.

By way of an aside, an Iranian (Muslim) friend of mine asks why the United Nations, the left in general, university administrators and lecturers etc etc always make such a fuss when Palestinians get a whacking from Israel, but manage not even a whimper of discord when Iranian (Muslim) official thugs start doing the same thing to their own people. Anyone got an answer?


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