World press lambasted

One thing that is sure to figure in the aftermath to all this is how the world’s press handled it. According to one blogger it is a “total, epic media FAIL on Iran“.

On Twitter CNN has come in for patrticular attack, but the BBC also takes a whack as does NPR. Their coverage is muted and way behind the pace of events. For all that you have to beware its veracity, Twitter has beaten the official media hands down on getting information out. As one Twitterer put it today:  “Every time there’s a huge global event (e.g. Moldova, Guatemala, now Iran) that twitter covers better I lose more faith in mainstream media.”

In some ways that is obviously not suprising: it is after all instant texts from a host of indivduals via their mobiles or  computers without the production holdups that any regular news organisation faces.  But it helps explain why the regular media is no longer such an automatic port of call for many people.


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