Wednesday’s running story

– Ibrahim Yazdi, leader of the Freedom Party and once right-hand man to Ayatollah Khomeini, is among about 500 activists, journalists and intellectuals. rounded up by the regime, according to the Guardian. The country-wide arrests included other well-known political figures from the 1979 revolution, he paper said, “The mass detentions combined with paramilitary raids on university campuses appeared to be part of a determined and sustained backlash on the part of a government that initially appeared to have been taken by surprise by the scale of the protests.” Another to be arrested was Mohammad Ali Abtahi, the reformist parliamentarian whose Tehran house was attacked by Basij earlier in the week. His website said Abtahi, the former vice president during the Khatami presidency,  and adviser to Karroubi during this election, was held on Tuesday.

— Demonstration pictures supposedly taken today

— What appears top be a fascinating first-hand account of life in Tehran

— A body calling itself the Association of Human Rights Activists in Iran is quoted as claiming that the country-wide death toll during the disturbances now stands at 32, according to this web report.

— This photo has been doing the rounds. fake1

Issued by the Ahmadinejad camp to illustrate the enormous size of a demonstration  in his support, the circles represent amazingly similar crowd scenes in different parts of the picture. A very poor Photoshop job is the chief conclusion.

— The following, carried on the website (?), purports to be a translation of a letter sent by Moussavi and Khatami to the Minister of Justice:

We would like you to pay immediate attention to what is going on currently inside the country. We are currently with people who think that their rights have been infringed upon and they have a right to ask for that right to be given back to them. Not only are students being picked up from universities, but now reformist leaders and known political faces are being picked up from their homes without the slightest regard to the laws of this country.

This will not only do no good in solving the problems we are facing, but will further exasperate them. The spate of killings during these protests are condemnable. Yet from the peaceful protests we have seen, it seems unlikely that they were the instigators of violence.

We request your assistance in this matter because you have a responsibility towards your people and the Islamic Republic. The continuation of this violence will do nothing but harm, thus, we want every bit of help you can give us in ending this spree of violence that is being carried out against peaceful protesters.

CBS reports the  Revolutionary Guards promising to crack down on online media that “spread tension”. All the reports on Twitter, however,  indicate this process was already started long ago.

— The official Fars news agency has reported that a partial recount of votes in Kermanshah, as ordered by the Guardian Council, has uncovered no irregularities.

–Mohammadreza Habibi, prosecutor-general for Isfahan province, has warned protesters that they could face execution under Islamic law, according to Reuters.

— Five players in the Iranian national football team wore green armbands during their televised World Cup qualifier match against South Korea in  Seoul. They included captain (for how much longer?)  Mehdi Mahdavikia. The armbands were gone, however, when the team returned for the second half.  Iranian fans also dosplayed a banner that read ‘Go to hell, dictator’ and held up green papers asking ‘Where is my vote?’ This is a Reuters video report.

— There has been no confirmation of reports that there is to be a meeting of the Assembly of Experts, the only body that can challenge the conduct of the Supreme leader Khamenei. This website repoorts Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s efforts to call the meeting. In response, it has previously been reported that there were some anti-Refsanjani demonstrations in Qom.

Dramatic new video of what the headline says is Monday’s confrontation at the basij station off Azadi square.

— A promotional video exhorting people to go to, which is meant as an online meeting place of those fighting the regime.


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