Opposition decries “laughable show trial”

More than 100 on trial

Ayatollah Rafsanjani Saturday decried the trial of more than 100 alleged protesters and its attempts to implicate him in a plot against the regime. He said the alleged confession of Mohammad-Ali Abtahi, the former vice president, claiming Rafsanjani had sworn an oath with opposition leaders, was a “sheer lie”. A statement issued by the Expediency Council that he heads, said the ayatollah “did not endorse any presidential candidates and has not had any part in the post-election unrest. “It is unclear under which conditions and considerations these confessions have been made.” Obtaining such confessions, the statement said, had thrown the basis of the country’s entire government into question.

The reformist opposition also united to condemn what the Islamic Iran Participation Front called a “laughable” show trial and its attempts to portray the unrest as a big foreign plot. Mir-Hossein Moussavi said on his website: “The protests since the election were not linked to foreigners at all … Iranians’ rights have been violated at the election.”

The Participation Front, the party of former president Mohammad Khatami and one of the main targets of the trial,  rejected the claims made against it and dubbed the trial “a laughable show that even a cooked chicken would laugh at.” It added: “After 50 days of  isolating and pressuring the detainees … has such a weak indictment has been prepared. It is a politically motivated and illegal indictment.”

But the trial also allowed hardline supporters to acctack the reformists. Hamid Rasayi, a Tehran MP, said the trial paved the way for officials to prosecute the “real” riot leaders. He did not name names.  Reuters, PressTV


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