Monday August 10 – the daily story

Current production problems will mean a restricted service until further notice. Our apologies.

The headlines:

Majlis speaker Ali Larijani has told the special committee set up to investigate post-election detentions to look into allegations of the rape and torture of male and female prisoners. link The allegations are contained in a letter reformist leader Mehdi Karroubi has written to Ayatollah Rafsanjani urging him to launch an investigation into “the savage rape of male and female prisoners to the point of physical and mental damage”. link Also, the parliamentary committee plans another visit to Evin prison, saying it wants to interview all detainees. link

The sinister Intelligence Ministry has issued a statement warning the media not to reveal classified material, and that includes any information about what’s going on in the Intelligence Ministry. link The move is seen as related to all the revelations emerging of how Ahmadinejad is tightening his grip on this vital institution. link, link

Discussions have begun between Ahmadinejad and the Majlis over his new cabinet, and already two ministerial choices appear to be non-starters – Defence and Interior. link This follows reports of a huge bust-up between Principlist supporters of the Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijani, and Ahmadinejad supporters, according to Etemad-e Melli. link

Rafsanjani won’t lead Friday prayers to avoid stoking unrest.  link

France has renewed its attack on Iran over the jailing of Clotilde Reiss link Iran, meanwhile, has lambasted the French for saying its embassy is prepared to give refuge to demonstrators link It has also hit back at the EU condemnation of the mass trials. link

Iraq has asked Iran to free the three Americans arrested in Kurdestan link

Iran’s civil aviation organisation has blamed human error for the recent Mashad plane crash that killed “at least 17 people” (!You’d think they’d know by now) link

Confused? So are we: PressTV says the Revolutionary Guards strongly dismissed remarks attributed by Al Arabiya  to its commander , Brigadier General Mohammad-Ali Jafari, calling for the prosecution of the reformist leaders.  link But separately it carries a report on Brigadier General Yadollah Javani, head of the IRGC’s political bureau, saying exactly the same thing. The logic is that we are not the only ones in a state of some confusion. link

Hillary Clinton  handed Iran some useful ammunition Sunday, saying in her CNN interview that the US had given a lot of “behind the scenes” help to Iran’s protesters. Just like they’re saying in those mass trials then? link Iran wasted no time in jumping down her throat. link

The excellent Tehran Bureau website has come across a tale of another dodgy qualification among Ahmadinejad’s men – this time Mohammad Reza Rahimi, vice president for parliamentary affairs and tipped as the new First Vice President. The website also helpfully reminds us of the others who have lacked a degree of veracity on their CVs. link


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