Tuesday August 11 – the daily story

The headlines

As expected, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Sadeq Larijani, the brother of the Majlis speaker, is to replace Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi as Head of the Judiciary. link

Mohsen Rezai, the defeated presidential candidate, has a warned President Ahmadinejad against “sudden changes” at the Intelligence Ministry. link

Iran’s judiciary now says 4,000 demonstrators were arrested in  post-election disturbances, far higher than previously admitted. It also says legal action has been taken against those that attacked the Tehran University dorm and tortured prisoners at Kahrizak. link

— The police said they had received more than 400 complaints of misconduct by security officers during recent disturbances. link

— Alireza Hosseini Beheshti , a top aide of Mir-Hossein Moussavi, said a list of 69 people killed and 220 detained has been handed to the Majlis for investigation. link

— Meanwhile, Ayatollah Rafsanjani, in a meeting with judiciary lawyers, referred to the allegations of sexual abuse of prisoners by insisting it was vital to respect prisoners’ rights. link

The French embassy staffer Nazak Afshar was released from custody, although she is still on trial for offences against the state.  The Iranians have also offered to allow Clotilde Reiss, the French academic , to stay at the French embassy during her trial. link

— News of the trial has sparked outrage in France, partly at President Sarkhozy’s supposed inaction . link

— Sweden summoned the Iranian ambassador to protest over the trial and warn of possible further measures. link

— Britain insisted it has no intention of inciting revolution in Iran and the trial of a British embassy worker for spying  was due to “gross misinterpretation”. link

PressTV has a softer version of the row between Principlist MPs and Ahmadinejad supporters over his cabinet choices than was reported by other websites Monday. link

— The President himself insisted iy was vital to have “harmony and sympathy” between Government and parliament. link

— But pressure there is, with the Majlis speaker Ali Larijani also wagging his finger at the President. link

The Anonymous Iran website quotes a blog by well-known blooger Mik Verbrugge, quoting an “anonymous insider” on the state of play inside the regime, that paints a picture of some considerable disjointedness. link

Egypt has congratulated Ahmadinejad on his second term, a further sign of thawing relations between the two countries. link

— The UN Secretary-General has also sent his felicitations as expected but is not letting on what it said. link


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