Wednesday August 12 – the daily story

Lies, damned lies and PressTV lies: Early today PressTV quoted Ali Larijani, the Majlis speaker, as dismissing Mehdi Karroubi’s claims about the sexual abuse of prisoners as “sheer lies”. link

— But other informed sources inside Iran say the sheer lie is PressTV’s report (they always seem to deliberately misreport anything to do with Karroubi), and that would seem to be backed up by the way Fars news agency has reported the same news. It’s report does start off by saying Larijani described the claims as untrue, but that is not what the story actually says. He is clear that the Majlis committee investigating the detentions was presented with no evidence of such abuse. That’s it, period. And he adds:  “If Mr Karroubi provides the committee with documents of rape and sexual harassment, they will go under serious scrutiny.” That’s hardly the reaction of something who thinks it is all sheer lies. link

— So now PressTV says Karroubi is going to hand his evidence to the Majlis. link

— Such misreporting hides what one seemingly highly informed net reporter  says is the key to what is going on at the moment: Larijani is in fact working with Rafsanjani on a plan to introduce an Iranian republic (note the words carefully). The entire thread, but particularly the reports of the poster  sp4arrowh4wk, makes gripping reading. link

— Hardline clerics are enraged by Karroubi’s claims. link

— But Mohsen Rezai is insistent that all those responsible for the mistreatment of prisoners should face the full force of the law. link

The chorus is building to a crescendo: Grand Ayatollah Dastghaib, a member of the Assembly of Experts, has called for a public meeting of the assembly to resolve the leadership crisis “before it gets … too late” to rehabilitate the standing of the clergy and respond to the people’s demands. link

— Earlier Grand Ayatollah Assadollah Bayat-Zanjani, who has already issued a fatwah against cooperating with the Ahmadinejad government, has now urged Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader , to obey the constitution and comply with the Assembly of Experts. “As soon as he fails to meet these conditions he will automatically lose his position”. The message, posted on his website and repeated in English on the Facebook page of Zahra Rahnavard, wife of Mir-Hossein Moussavi, added that the Green movement is a God-given gift and the people should be hopeful . link

— All this after the understated intervention of Grand Ayatollah Sistani from Najaf. link

— The view of Ayatollah Khamenei seems to boil down to ‘You don’t understand’. He says, according to PressTV: “If I was to give you one advice, it would be for you to increase your insight [into state affairs]. If you do not have deep insight, if you cannot distinguish your friends, if you cannot spot your enemies, then your attacks, dialogue and your actions may target your friends instead of your enemies.” Just so. The intriguing thing is that he said this on July 27, but it has only just been released. link

Mir-Hussein Moussavi has turned the tables on the state broadcaster IRIB and its accusations that the reformists are in the pockets of foreigners. What suits the interests of the US most, he asks: a credible broadcaster respected for telling the truth, or one that is widely known as the station of untruths? Kayhan, the show trials, all suffer from similar comparisons, he says. link

Minor clashes were reported as green protesters attempted to flood the bazaar in the guise of “happy window shoppers” and effectively close it down. But the most shopkeepers had got there before them, apparently in a protest over attempts to introduce VAT. And if the shopkeepers hadn’t closed, the security forces were there in such strength they would have kept most customers away. So the green wave wins whichever way. link

Four more Jundullah separatists have been arrested in Baluchestan as they plotted to bomb several locations, the Intelligence Ministry says. link

— But the question  is why Abdulhamid Rigi, brother of the group’s leader, is still alive after being sentenced to hang last month. The suggestion is the Iranians are negotiating with his at large brother. link

And while we’re in the porky pie department, Egypt now denies Iranian reports that it sent congratulations to President Ahmadinejad on his inauguration for a second term. link

The Russian-built nuclear power plant at Bushehr appears to face further delays. link


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