Latest comment and features – October

October 8

Mousavi, a modern leader: Morteza Kazemian, Rooz Online
The Iran puzzle: Faruk Logoglu, Turkish Daily News
How to manage a nuclear Iran: Gregory L. Schulte, Foreign Policy
Tough struggle looms to build on Iranian nuclear agreements: Lebanon, Daily Star
UAE Crown Prince accused of aiding Iran: Foreign Policy
US will not ditch Arab allies for Iran: Anand Sagar, Khaleej Times
Better Syria-Saudi ties could ease Mideast tension: Zeina Karam, AP
Pleasing Khamenei:
Ahmadinejad’s apocalyptic ambitions: Brad Macdonald,
MESA letter to Khamenei:
So you wanna be a Hyperstar?: Mohammad Khiabani, Tehran Bureau


October 7

Cooperation rises between Iran and Taliban: Lara Logan, CBS News
Nuclear diplomacy: Tayyab Siddiqui, The News International
The rise of the Iranian dictatorship: Geneive Abdo, Foreign Policy
Debunking the dumping-the-dollar conspiracy: Dean Baker, Foreign Policy
CIA knew about Iran’s secret nuclear plant long before disclosure: Bobby Ghosh, Time
Waiting for the deadline on Iran – again: Dore Gold, Jerusalem Post
It’s not just about Iran: Hans Blix, Guardian
A love-hate relationship spanning several decades: Sami Moubayed, GulfNews
As Obama scores an Iran breakthrough, Congress fumbles: David Elliott, Huffington Post


October 6

The Muslim house of mirrors: Alan Caruba, Canada Free Press
Iran’s women are not afraid: Shirin Ebadi, Guardian
Iran’s not-yet-revolution – cause for optimism: Mahmood Delkhasteh, Huffington Post
Ey Iran, the most popular national anthem of Iran: Manouchehr Saadat Noury,
Does Russia get it on Iran?: Fred Hiatt, GulfNews


October 5

Untangling Iran’s nuclear web: Dmitri Trenin, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Will Israel ensure history repeats itself?: Jeff Gates, CASMII
Iran downplays ‘openness’ in nuclear talks: Golnaz Esfandiari, Fereydoun Zarnegar, Rfel
Time for a Hail Mary on Iran: Kt McFarland, FOXNews
Amid Iran nuclear talks, don’t forget human rights: Dwight Bashir, Worldfocus
Do Iranian missiles pose a real threat?: Ilya Kramnik, Moscow News
Iran’s Nuclear rights and the UNSC bully: Abdul Ruff, Kashmir Watch
UAE could spur regional nuclear power rush: Simon Webb, Daniel Fineren, Forbes
Iran’s nuclear theatre meant to divert attention: Ramzy Baroud,
America resetting its relations with Iran: Abid Mustafa, Media Monitors Network
Censoring an Iranian love story: Shahriar Mandanipour, PopMatters
Negotiation with Iranian government, neglecting the Iranian people: Abbas Sadeghian, OpEdNews
Azerbaijan – the next flashpoint: Maksud Djavadov, Media Monitors Network


October 4

Go green or go to hell’:
Talks will be inconclusive: Sadegh Zibakalam, Rooz Online
Who is Abdulfattah Soltani?: Neo-Resistance
Iran engages on nuclear issue, concedes little: Alistair Lyon, Kuwait Times
Is there anything that isn’t rigged or corrupt in Iran?:
Cancelling missile defense will look good if Russia helps on Iran: Lebanon, Daily Star
A primer on Iran’s medical reactor: Geoffrey Forden,
Obama’s French lesson: Charles Krauthammer, Jerusalem Post
Facing off with bad leaders: Washington Post


October 3

I’m more Iranian than you (nani nani boo boo):
Profile of typical Reza Pahlavi haters: Faramarz Fateh,
Further perspectives of Iranian nuclear programme: Dalga Khatinoglu, American Chronicle
Ankara walks tightrope on Iran row, hot potato in hand: Today’s Zaman
The White House preference – talking for the sake of talking: Malinda Seneviratne, Nation on Sunday
US has high ground in Iran talks: Mainichi Daily News
Obama’s Iran dilemma: Alastair Crooke, GulfNews
Iran nuclear nod may be too late: Paul Richter, GulfNews
The military option – could they do it?: Greg Miller and Julian E Barnes, Chicago Tribune
Putin’s Iran plan: Ralph Peters, Exile Street
Israel is the loser from the Geneva encounter: DEBKA file


October 2

Talking is the only option: Editorial, Guardian
A manufactured crisis part 1 – The facts of the matter: Jack A Smith, Asia Times
A manufactured crisis part 2 – It’s sanctions or bust: Jack A Smith, Asia Times
A manufactured crisis part 3 – The case for Iran: Jack A Smith, Asia Times
Real progress with Iran: Gary Sick, The Daily Beast
Iran buys time at little cost: Jamsheed K Choksy, World Politica Review
US wonders if Iran is playing for time : Helene Cooper, New York Times
A reporter’s arrest casts a vast shadow: Jacki Lyden, NPR
What pitfalls lurk in Iran agreements?: Kuwait Times
The other ticking clock in Iran: Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy
Israel v Iran – the writing is on the wall: Jamal Dajani, Link TV
The road ahead for US-Iran relations: John W Limbert interview, Council on Foreign Relations
A thaw between Israel and the Gulf: Yoel Guzansky, Jerusalem Post
To attack or not to attack?: Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post
Iran looms large: İlhan Tanir, Hurriyet Daily News
Iran’s danger and opportunity: Cesar Chelala, Gulf Times
Bitter fruits of Mideast wars: Patrick Buchanan, Post Chronicle
Wheels fall off the sanctions bandwagon: The Southern Times
Why the IRI Should Not Get the Bomb:
World must sustain push against Iran’s abuses: Walid Phares, Canada Free Press
Whatever happened to the Iran Democracy Fund?: Michael Rubin, National Review Online

October 1

Iran again – is everyone bluffing? : Immanuel Wallerstein, NYT
Waltzing with Tehran: Michael Tomasky, Guardian
The lying game: John Pilger, World News Daily
Israel tones down warnings of strike on Iran: Luis Ramirez, Payvand
Iran, Palestine and Israel – what a contrast: Yamin Zakaria, Media Monitors Network
Limited Geneva deal wins Iran sanctions respite: Mark Heinrich, Ralph Boulton, Forbes
Has the Iranian fist unclenched?: Mark Mardell, BBC News
Obama’s Iran dilemma: Alastair Crooke, 33 KDAF-TV
Israel rethinks anti-Iran warnings: Dan Williams, Gulf Times
Time for Iran to ‘come clean’: Faiz Shakir, Amanda Terkel, Think Progress
The Pentagon and ‘destabilising consequences’: Ben Armbruster, Think Progress
Gasoline war with Iran looms: United Press International
Former inspector – Iran on ‘cusp’ of losing credibility: NPR
Israel maintains ‘eloquent silence’: GulfNews
Don’t jump gun on nuclear issue: Patrick Seale, GulfNews
Iran and Syria are making diplomatic headway: Editorial, Daily Star
Mr president: Not a Word More, Not a Word Less: Mojtaba Samienejad
Top things you think you know about Iran that are not true : Juan Cole, Informed Comment
a href=”” target=”_blank”> Iran’s current political assessment – part 1: Pirouz Azadi, Payvand
Iran’s current political assessment – part 2: Pirouz Azadi, Payvand


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