August 2009

Monday August 31

Same axis, more evil: Clare M Lopez, Human Events
IQ to T ratio – how mankind can be so callous: Arash Monzavi-Kia,
Will Israel attack Iran this year?: M.J. Rosenberg, TPMCafé
Sanctions won’t work against Iran: John Bolton, Wall Street Journal
The US needs Iran and Russia: Juan Cole, Salon
Release Kian Tajbakhsh!: Niloofar Mina, Payvand
No engagement game because Iran burned down: Barry Rubin, Global Politician
Top 10 reasons Islam is not good for Iran:
Expose of religious despotism: Interview with Mohsen Kadivar, Rooz Online
Dolatabadi – has he come to softly resolve differences?:  Parastu Sepehri, Rooz Online
Street fighting soosool: Mohammad Khiabani, Tehran Bureau
Can Majles block Ahmadinejad’s advance?: Tehran Bureau
Shariati on religious government:  Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau
The calm before the storm:  IranNewsNow


Sunday August 30

The Baluchestan challenge: Talat Masood, The News International
Iran’s war – who is Iran at war with?: Bruce Clarke,
The formula to victory:
Iran without the bomb: Editorial, Jerusalem Post
Damascus and the road to Mideast peace: Gov Monitor
Syria and Iran – decoding the signals: Middle East Online
The Iran countdown: Annie Hamilton,
Meet Etelaat and its Nokias:  Saya Ovaisy, Tehran Bureau
Ahmadinejad – isolated, weak and as delusional as ever:  Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau
Full text of IAEA report on Iran: Payvand News
Faster please! Death spiral of the Islamic republic II: Michael Ledeen,


Saturday August 29

A call to new resolve: Amil Imani, International Analyst Network
Ahmadinejad’s ire: Editorial, Khaleej Times
Neither Islamic nor a republic: Massoumeh Torfeh, UTV
America’s standing flounders under Obama: Christopher Adamo, Family Security Matters
Prosecutor in 1994 Argentina bombing implicates Iran: Mohammad Reza Kazemi,
The UN’s arms trade treaty and sanctions on Iran: Theodore Bromund,


Friday August 28

Khamenei’s remarks bode well for future of Islamic Republic:  Editorial, Daily Star Lebanon
The rigged game: Caroline Glick, Town Hall
Ousting Iran’s theocracy – an idea in reciprocated tactics: John Duffey,
Lebanon can’t afford to wait for approval: Editorial, GulfNews
Syria clenches its fist: Andrew J. Tabler, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Syria and Iran – book review: Jim Miles, Palestine Chronicle
The grip of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: Henry Newman, Guardian
Iranian regime benefits from experience of Iraq and Libya: Raghida Dergham, Daral-Hayat
Neo Cons or Neo Comms – who got it right on Iran?: Farhad Kashani,


Thursday August 27

Political Islam has made a difference: Marwan Al Kabalan, GulfNews
Yemen faces spectre of anarchy: Patrick Seale, GulfNews
Talking sense in Tehran: Khaleej Times
The Iranian opposition’s Second Life: Max Burns, Foreign Policy In Focus
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards showing who’s boss: Economist
US defence official – Israel not threatening to attack Iran in near future: Joyce Karam,
The new Iran sanctions – worse than the old ones: Gal Luft, International Analyst Network
Open letter of Masumeh Dehqan: Iran Press Watch
Baha’i identity in Islamic Iran: Alexandra Leavy-August, Iran Press Watch
Deadly fatwa – Iran’s 1988 prison massacre: Iran Human Rights Documentation Centre (for pdf)
Strategic alliance between Iran and Syria – military and economic aspects: Y Mansharof and O Winter, Middle East Media Research Institute


Wednesday August 26

Iraq’s Shiite power base shifts: Qassim Abdul-Zahra, Brian Murphy, AP
A resignation in Iraq highlights growing Iranian power: David Ignatius , Daily Star
Obama’s Mideast vision – confusion: Michael Young, Daily Star
No checkmating Tehran: Roula Khalaf, GulfNews
Al Hakim’s death hits hopes of Shiite unity: Emile Hokayem, The National
Iraqi columnist wonders about Qatar–Iran military Ccoperation: Middle East Media Research Institute
New prison-rape allegations in Iran bring practice to light: Golnaz Esfandiari, Elahe Ravanshad,
Inside Iran… the government with hostages: Tariq Alhomayed, Asharq Alawsat
History used and abused: Ervand Abrahamian, Tehran Bureau


Tuesday August 25

Will Iran’s Economic Partners Block Sanctions?: Jason Gewirtz, CNBC
Iranians Fume, Do Drugs, Have Sex Changes: Zinta Lundborg, Bloomberg
It’s the Arabian Gulf – and that’s that: Khalaf Al Habtoor, GulfNews
Iranian Reformist Leader’s Son Talks About Court Appearance: RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty
The Nation ‘Iraq Will Be A Colony of Iran’: Robert Dreyfuss, Yahoo! News
Four reasons why Khamenei is like the Shah: DM,
Shappi Khorsandi – “Don’t kill my father. I love him very much”: Bryony Gordon,
‘I Was Shocked To My Very Insides’: RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty


Monday August 24

Larijani’s appointment unlikely to stop extralegal prosecutions: JURIST
Religion bashing: Afshin Afshar,
Justice must be served: ahosseini,
The west struggles with Iran’s game: Roula Khalaf, Financial Times
Israeli Intelligence Chief – ‘We All See The Clock ticking’: Free Internet Press
Syria’s influence is on the rise: Sami Moubayed, GulfNews
Ahmadinejad’s rivals rise within conservative camp: GulfNews
Iran on the Edge: Michael Cook, The Cutting Edge
Islam’s ‘enemy within’: Brian Whitaker, Guardian
The Problems with Political Trials: Barbara Falk, The Mark


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