June 2009

Tuesday June 30

The ayatollah’s curse: Eric Margolis, Huffington Post

C;erics pose little threat to Khamenei:  Meir Javedanfar, Guardian

Opposition down but hardly out: Scott Macleod, Time

The uprising in Iran will live: Ghassan Michel Rubeiz,  Global Arab Network

Iran’s leaders love their Western plots: Christopher Hitchens, Iran Press Watch

How Iran is filtering out dissent: Ian Black, Guardian

Obama’s obsolete Iran policy: Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal

Tehran’s worst nightmare: Terry Glavin, National Post

How cigarettes light up Islamic jihad worldwide: Kate Willson, Spiro News

Iran will never be the same: Martin Schram, Pocono Record

Where are all the usual suspects?: Seth J Frantzman, Jerusalem Post

The real struggle in Iran and implications for US dialogue: George Friedman, Stratfor

Iran’s sons and daughters will win: Fawaz A Gerges, cnn.com

Fight for Iran’s future is far from over: Amir Taheri, timesonline.co.uk

Monday June 29

Rogue regime inches to precipice: Arnaud de Borchgrave, Washington Times

West betrays Iranian protest movement: Matthias Kuntzel, EuropeNews

Feminist waves in the Iranian green tsunami?: Golbarg Bashi, Tehran Bureau

Iranians learn to stand on their own: Trudy Rubin, Post-Bulletin

Selling toothpaste to Tehran: Martha C White, thebigmoney.com

Iranian prince – My moment will come: Benjamin Joffe-Walt, The Media Line

Was the election stolen? Does it matter?: Mark Weisbrot, Huffington Post

Saudi media take the lead against Iran’s regime: David Pollock and Mohammad Yaghi, The Cutting Edge

Ahmadinejad, privatisation and a bus driver who said no: Billy Wharton, Dissident Voice

Unveiling the revolution: Tracy Clark-Flory, salon.com

I could have settled for Michael Jackson: M E Dabiri, Tehran Bureau

Obama’s strategies failing in Iran: Mark LeVine, Al Jazeera

Give Bush credit on Iran: Abe Greenwald, Commentary Magazine

Gulf needs Iran to figure itself out: Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi, Maktoob

Beheshti’s ghost: Tehran Bureau

Persian station in Britain rattles Iran: John F Burns, NYT

Journalism rules bent in news coverage from Iran: Brian Stelter, NYT

Ramifications of the election: Ayesha Ijaz Khan, thenews.com

Millionaire mullahs (from 2003): Paul Klebnikov, iranian.com

Democracy as usual in Iran: Ali Ettefagh, PostGlobal

No velvet revolution for Iran: Fareed Zakaria, PostGlobal

Iran’s mullahs threaten the world: Alan Caruba, Canada Free Press

Mullahs and the Tiananmem  option: Ed Timperlake, American Thinker

The case for Iran – fighting for freedom: Pamela Geller, American Thinker

Is Iran the missing link in evolution of a global Middle East?: Bahman Dousti, bionet.org

Islamic revival tests Azerbaijan’s tolerance: AFP

Bureau Tehran, live from Massachusetts: Tovia Smith, Inside of Iran

What is going on in the silence of Evin prison?:  Reporters Without Borders, Inside of Iran

Has the regime been weakened?: Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, Al Arabiya

From Pakistan Daily

The CIA, Mossad and the new destabilisation of Iran: link

Between Tel Aviv and Tehran: link

Iran and the women’s rights Expert: link


Sunday June 28

Battle shifts to the heart of power: Peter Beaumont, Observer

It’s hard for Westerners to believe Ahmadinejad won: Benjamin Joffe-Walt, The Media Line

Ahmadinejad regime plots purge after protests: Marie Colvin, The Sunday Times

The CIA and the Iranian experiment: Thierry Meyssan, globalresearch.ca

Iran’s politics is all about survival: Albert R Hunt, NYT


Saturday June 27

The Iranian chess board as seen by Team Obama: Laura Rozen, Foreign Policy

War of the ayatollahs: Hana H, tehranbureau.com

The axis of dictators: Ian Masters, Huffington Post


Friday June 26

The end of the beginning: Trita Parsi, Reza Aslan, Foreign Policy

Iran and the Syrian gambit: Howard Schweber, Huffington Post

Stay out of Iran’s evolutionary process: Phil Giraldi, lewrockwell.com

Secret voices of the new Iran: John Simpson, BBC

Obama, the Neocons and Iran: Robert McFarlane, Wall Street Journal

World leaders seek new strategy: Timothy Heritage, Reuters

Genocide or massacre, US repeating mistakes of the past: Frank Salvato, Family Security Matters


Thursday June 25

Is the dream already over?: Economist

Will Iran be Obama’s Iraq?: Flynt Leverett, Hillary Mann Leverett and Sayed Mohammad Marandi, politico.com

Crisis in Iran – it’s the economy stupid!: John Defterios, Khaleej Times

Who wins if Iran loses?: Aijaz Zaka Syed, Khaleej Times

We must stand with liberty, this time in Tehran: Mark Perry, The Daily Star Lebanon

Will Moussavi choose to be the next Yeltsin?: Charles Krauthammer, rocnow.com

Iran’s two-sided rule – turban and helmet: Brian Murphy, AP

Tragic pitfall of Iranian citizen journalism: Bob Ostertag, Huffington Post

Confessions, arrests and a campaign against the media: newswire.ca

Arab states aligned with US savour turmoil: Michael Slackman, NYT

Ahmadinejad reaps benefits of stacking agencies with allies: Neil MacFarquhar, NYT

West must engage Iran over their differences: Michael Axworthy, The Independent

Why I don’t trust corporate media on Iran: Linda Milazzo, AlterNet

Iran’s struggle, and ours: Robert D Kaplan, Zaman of Turkey

The axis of dictators: Ian Masters, Huffington Post

Second-guessing Twitter’s effect: Matthew S haer, Christian Science Monitor

The abduction: Michelle May, tehranbureau.com

The assembly of experts: tehranbureau.com

Authorities to continue crackdown in the courts: Roula Khalaf and Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Financial Times

Larijani faction emerges as third force: Kamel Nazer Yasin, eurasianet.org

A deal to save Iran?: Reza Aslan, The Daily Beast

A test for Khamenei: Robin Wright, Time

In Afghanistan Iranian truck drivers dispute election:  Philip Smucker, Idaho Statesman


Wednesday June 24

Moussavi – man who shook Tehran: Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, Al Arabiya

Leader’s son seen as power broker: Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times

The show must go on: Suzanne Maloney, Foreign Policy

The age of Ahmadinejad: Mohammad Memarian, Midaest Youth

Long on rhetoric, short on memory: Jim Miles, Axis of Logic

Disunity will damage but not destroy Iran: Patrick Cockburn, The Independent

How BBC gave heart to the uprising: Jerome Taylor, The Independent

Hell hath no fury: Liora Hendelman-Baavur, Jerusalem Post

Experts disagree  on future of demonstrations: Benjamin Joffe-Walt, Jerusalem Post

Sleeping Russia opening eyes on Middle East: Qazi Hussain Asgha, Pakistan Observer

Iran’s trajectory: Paul Rahe, Power Line

Two who played a key role: Trudy Rubin, Philadelphia Enquirer

The diaspora must join the fight: Haleh Afshar, Guardian

US intervention in Iran: Terry Lacey, Palestinian Chronicle

Iran’s shattered myth: Daily Kos


Tuesday June 23

Obama and Iran

Analysis – Iranian foil or silent accomplice?:   Ron Fournier, AP

Did Obama change position?: Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic


Has US played role in fomenting unrest?: Jeremy R Hammond, Foreign Policy Journal

Symbols aren’t enough to win: Robert Fisk, Independent

State television becomes focus of anger: Azadeh Moaveni, Time

How to report when you are banned: Nahid Siamdoust, Time

Iran’s crisis posing problem for its Mideast allies: Andrew Lee Butters, Time

Obama’s Persian tutorial: Fouad Ajami, Wall Street Journal

The Iranian revolution and the election test: George Friedman, Stratfor Global Intelligence

The end of the beginning: Roger Cohen, NYT

Moussavi was the butcher of Beirut: Jeff Stein, CQpolitics


Monday June 22

Fight between classes of the political elite: Michael Slackman, NYT

Do Iran’s actions justify Western media coverage?:  Sara Khorshid, Al Arabiya

Iran has changed:   Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, Al Arabiya

Both sides seek to carry Islam’s banner: Neil MacFarquhar, NYT

Iran had a democracy before we took it away: Chris Hedges, truthdig.com

Iran’s children  of  tomorrow: Roger Cohen, NYT

Dealing with Iran gets harder: Morton Kondracke, MetroWest Daily News

Genuine protests or US plan to destabilise Iran?: Pravda

‘I grab a brick and I throw’: Guardian

The limits of people power: Daniel W Drezner, foreignpolicy.com

Letter from Tehran: Payvand Iran News

What has Khamenei got against Britain?:  Boris Johnson, The Telegraph

Magic numbers: Ali Ansari, The Guardian


Sunday June 21

Marsha B Cohen, tehranbureau.com: Larijani, between Khamenei and Kant

Yaseman Baji, ipsnews.net: day of confrontation and  clarity

Robert Fisk, Independent: Khamenei is fighting for his own position

Michael Gerson, Washington Post: Realism on Iran? It’s called freedom

John O’Sullivan, nationalreview.com: the Iranian revolt

Gregory Djerejian in The Belgravia Despatch: Where is this place … ?

Informed comment: does the state have the upper hand?

From Al Arabiya

Tariq Alhomayed: supreme leader’s fatal mistake

Rochelle Terman: demise of Iranian apathy

Tony Karon: Khamanei and the Mugabe option

Time: what the world didn’t see in Iran

Amir Taheri in The Sunday Times: Iran’s dictator gives up pretence of democracy

Andrew Sullivan, Sunday Times: Twitter ripped the veil off ‘the other’

Peter Beaumont in the Observer: Childish urge to split the world

Ali Ansari in the Observer: when the clerics act it will be crucial

Sir Richard Dalton in The Sunday Telegraph: democracy will have its day

Hadi Ghaemi on Middle East Online: No ‘Tehran Tiananmen’

Daily Kos: Khamenei and Henry VIII – two studies in tyranny

Abbas Djavadi in Payvand.com: Khamenei on crash course

Canada Free Press: America’s supine leader

Fareed Zakari on  CNN (interview): fatal wound inflicted on ideology

Rick Moran in American Thinker: look to Qom for next breaking story

John Lee Anderson in petroleumworld.com: understanding the basij

Lila Ghobady on commondreams.org: no matter who is president, they would stone me

Gary Sick: Moussavi’s new revolutionary manifesto

Friday-Saturday June 19-20

Azadeh Moaveni in the Guardian: why now?

Blog: how to steal 11 million votes

Matt Steinglass: the biggest social revolution ever to fail?

Wall Street Journal: the fear is gone

New York Times: a different Iranian revolution (excellent read)

salon.com: who hates who in Iran

Karim Sadjadpour in Foreign Policy: is Moussavi willing to risk ‘slaughter’ in the streets?

Transcript of Khamenei speech to Friday Prayers: PressTV


Thursday June 18

Spiegel Online: open letter to Khamenei from Iranian exile

Globe and Mail: inside Interior Ministry torture cells

Views from the Occident: Lebanon’s Hesbollah in Iran –  rumour and reality

Eric Hooglund in  on tehranbureau.com: Iran’s rural vote and election fraud

Pejman Yousefzadeh on the revolution Iran needs


Wednesday June 17

Gareth Smyth on tehranbureau.com: Iran’s power struggle

Wall St Journal: five ways Obama could promote freedom

New York Times: Iran’s hidden revolution

Tom Watson’s Soup: the revolution will not be Twittered

Tehran Bureau: dispatch from a province far from Tehran

Bill Keller of the New York Times: no such thing as innocent Googling


Tuesday June 16

Neil MacFarquhar in the New York Times: Iron cleric now blinking

Al Gordiano at The Field: regime overplays its hand

guardian: regime cracks down

Reza Fiyouzat in Dissident Voice: the larger context

Simon Henderson in London Evening Standard: rebellion could fade as fast as it blossomed

Reuters: Interview with Reza Pahlavi

Al-Jazeera: supreme leader under pressure

New York Times: where will the power lie in Iran?

Trita Parsi in Time: who’s fighting who

New York Times: social networks spread defiance

Robert Fisk in The Independent: Iran’s day of destiny

Maziar Bahari in Newsweek: blood in Tehran

Laura Secor in the New Yorker: why Tehran matters


Monday June 15

Abbas Milani in Forbes: a coup in three steps

UN Dispatch: the Mugabe precedent?

Moussavi’s request to Guardian Council to annul elections

New York Times: protesters defy ban

CNN comment: hardliners are real losers

Harrowing video of riot police beating someone “to death”

Pics – aftermath of violence at Tehran University

BBC: Iranian protesters call off rally

CNN: Hatred, chaos and savage beatings in Tehran

Washington Independent: Obama focus on human rights, not election

And now for someone who really has his finger on the Iranian pulse – NOT!

The street protests mount

Who is Moussavi?


Sunday June 14

Kevin Sullivan: watching the inevitable in Iran

Steve Clemons: There will be blood

What an Iranian revolutionary told The Independent’s Robert Fisk.

interview with Ibrahim Yazdi.

Interview with unnamed Iranian journalist

The Guardian: why Moussavi and Khamenei don’t get on

Pics claiming to show aftermath of violence Saturday night at Isfahan University

Gary Sick: Iran’s political coup

Christopher Hitchens: don’t call it an election

Tehran Bureau: ayatollahs protest election fraud


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