July 2009

Monday July 27

End of discussion: Amir Taheri, National Review Online


Saturday July 25
The Losers Hang On:  New York Times
Interview: Iranian Blogger:  American Chronicle


Friday July 24
Justice for Iran: Interview with William Bourdon: NCR-Iran
Iran and US ‘not fated to be enemies forever’: Kourosh Ziabari, Foreign Policy Journal
Chapter One: “Send him to hell”: Bruce Bawer, New York Times
Once worlds apart, two Iranians make common cause:  Reza Sayah, CNN International
Iran’s Revolution – While Obama Slept: Rudi Stettner, RantRave
Rethinking Iran:  Terry Glavin, National Post
Need for Discipline and Self-restraint in Iran’s Green: Nader Habibi, Payvand
Iran turmoil signals gas pipeline woes: UPI Asia
In Iran, the nouveaux riches live it up regardless: Zhila Keshvari, PRESS TV
Iranian artists protest metaphorically: Reed Johnson, Providence Journal


Tuesday July 21

Iranian aftermath – can Obama close the deal?: Paul Kengor, Philadelphia Enquirer
Revolution may be in phase two: Laina Farhat-Holzman, Family Security Matters
Paros 1968 to Tehran 2009: Turki al-Hamad, Al Arabiya

With friends like these who needs enemies?: Kam Zarrabi, campaigniran.org

Turmoil may cost Hesbollah, Hamas as regime goes defensive: Ben Holland and Massoud A. Derhally, Bloomberg

Berkeley Iranian-American helps organise worldwide human rights rallies: Matt O’Brien, Contra Costa Times

How to move forward with Iran: Ilan Berman, Forbes

Iranian leaders need to acknowledge – and address – public dissatisfaction: Daily Star, Lebanon

Can Russia Influence Iran to Curb Its Nuclear Ambitions?:  Andre de Nesnera, voanews.com

Stop framing government critics: Human Rights Watch

The Arab mercenaries: Jameel Theyabi, daralhayat.com

The Iranian election and Its aftermath:  Sasan Fayazmanesh, counterpunch

UK firm illuminates Tehran tower: lsionline


Monday July 20

My first prayer with baton and tear gas: Iranian Leftists

Iran’s tragic joke: Roger Cohen, NYT

From Tehran Bureau

Moussavi counters Khamenei: Muhammad Sahimi

People driving movement, not politicians:  Jason Rezaian

Iran’s new nuclear supremo: Gareth Smyth

Man in the shadow – Mojtaba Khamenei: Muhammad Sahimi

Prayers make history: anon


Sunday July 19

Left is wrong on Iran: Hamid Dabashi, Al Ahram

Does US road to better relations with Iran pass through India?: Howard LaFranchi, Christian Science Monitor

Iranian planes and the hidden toll of economic sanctions: Afshin Ratansi, campaigniran.org

Patience with Iran: Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation

What went wrong in Iran?: Ayatollah Mohajerani, asharq alawsat

Prayers make history: Tehran Bureau

Rafsanjani threads the path of reconciliation: Kaveh L Afrasiabi, Middle east Online

Blast of dissent from inside Iran: Trudy Rubin, Philadelphia Inquirer

Legal and official rape in Iran’s prisons: Rudi Stetner, rantrave.com


Saturday July 18

The role of a former Iranian president: Roger Cohen, NYT (video)

Words to heed: Guardian

The state of Iranian communication:  Morgan Sennhauser, NedaNet (pdf)

Martin Amis’s Iran fantasia:  Abbas Barzegar, Guardian

What comes next for Iran?: Mehdi Mozaffari, rferl.org

It’s a got feeling all of us have: ahmad, rferl.org

Iran insider sees a chance to seize the moment: Elaine Sciolino, NYT

Something profound has changed in Iran: Dadbeh Gudarzi, herald.ie

Iran’s tide of history – counter-revolution and after: Fred Halliday, Australia.to

Silence and dissent on Iranian border: Gabriel Gatehouse, BBC

Current turmoil has deep roots: William O Beeman, New America Media


Friday July 17

Reaction to Rafsanjani’s speech

Is it 1953 all over again?: Daniel W Drezner, Foreign Policy

Rafsanjani stakes out middle ground but will anyone join him,?: Daily Star, Lebanon

Rafsanjani makes his move: Meir Javedanfar, MRzine

Rafsanjani – Iran insider and Ahmadinejad nemesis: Hiedeh Farmani, AFP

Split in the leadership: Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau

Rafsanjani’s steps to resolve crisis: Juan Cole, Informed Comment


Will Khamenei celebrate his 70th birthday?: 25hod.sk

Tehran’s nuclear spinoff:  Khaleej Times

Iranian diaspora and the green wave revival: Sara Dehghan, Huffington Post

The real losers in Iran: Amir Taheri, Al Arabiya

Friday surprise in Iran?: Reza Aslan, Daily Beast

Natural born corruption: Saion Athelinas, The Diplomat

Role of the Revolutionary Guards and basij militia in Iran’s ‘electoral coup’:  Babak Rahimi, Jamestown Foundation

A Shiite schism on clerical rule:  Anthony Shadid, The Washington Post

Iran, a reflection – will they come?: Iranian.com

The end of Iran’s ayatollahs?: Martin Amis, Guardian


Thursday July 16

Supreme leader Khamenei diminished in Iranians’ eyes: Borzou Daragahi, LAT

Behind Iran’s silence: Laura Secour, The New Yorker

How diplomacy works: Joe Klein, Time

How Iran might beat future sanctions – the China card: Vivienne Walt, Time

Ayatollah Khamenei’s inauspicious 70th birthday:  Jamsheed K Choksy, Huffington Post

A rift that cannot be healed: Amir Taheri, asharq alawsat

‘Indiscriminate US sanctions resulted in crash’: anon, Tehran Bureau

Fuelling concerns: Alex Delmar-Morgan, arabianbusiness.com

The man in the shadow – Mojtaba Khamenei:  Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau

Rafsanjani’s savings for a rainy day: Mehdi Jedinia, iranian.com

Would MLK back Iran’s protesters?: Rostam Pourzal, Foreign Policy in Focus

Rafsanjani’s day of reckoning:  Abbas Milani, The New Republic

Out of his shell: The Economist

Rafsanjani’s high-wire act: Maryam, Keeping the Change


Wednesday July 15

Jailing the messengers: Iason Athanasiadis, Global Post

Iran’s long backslide to absolute rule: M D Nalapat, Payvand Iran

Message to Tehran – let our truth-teller go:  Jacki Lyden and Azar Nafisi, Globe and Mail

Iran’s prisons – where protest turns into rage:  Zarah Ghahramani, LAT

Berlusconi in Tehran: Slavoj Zizek, London Review of Books

Who will be next Saudi king, and does it matter?:  Robert Jordan and Simon Henderson, Washington Institute

Obama is misreading domestic Iran turmoil: Brij Khindaria, The M oderate Voice

Who needs an Islamic state?: Yoginder Sikand, countercurrents.org

A cabal in the college of mullahs?:  Marc Ginsberg, Huffington Post


Tuesday July 14

Zero hour – countdown to Israeli attack on Iran:  J J Greem, wtop.com

Iran – of courage and cowardice: Lawrence J Haas, North Star Writers Group

Ahmadinejad – our ally in the war on terror:  Neil Clark, The First Post

Iran’s hand in Latrin America not as US feared: nasdaq.com

Can Syria end the Arab cold war?: Chris Phillips, Guardian

The lesson of Munich and the lesson of Mossadeq: Frank Cornish, Daily Kos

The ultimate unveiling of Iranian women: Farzaneh Milani, Middle East Online

Iran on tortuous path to reconciliation:  Kaveh L Afrasiabi, Asia Times

Pipeline deal is sweet music for Iran:  M K Bhadrakumar, Asia Times

Not yet ready to fall?: Ardeshir Mehrdad, tayyar.org

Polls show US gaining traction over Iran:  David Pollok, Spero News

Inside the US-Iran war – petroleum at risk: David B Crist, Spero News

Hitting Tehran where it hurst: Mark Dubowitz, Wall Street Journal

How to lose friends and alienate your own people: Bernd Kaussler, iranian.com


Monday July 13

Sohrab, another Iranian martyr: Rooz

Iran and the new japanee head of te IAEI: Shirzad Azad, Middle East Online

Iranian Shiism’s two faces: Peter Beaumont, UTV

Iranian students – the best kept secret in international politics: Daily Kos

In exile an Iranian lion keeps fighting: James F Smith, Boston Globe

Behind detainee release, a US-Iraq conflict on Iran: Gareth Porter, IPS News

Death in the dorms – students recall horror of police invasion: Said Kemali Dehghan, Guardian

Iranian clerics diminished by silence over protests: Majid Mohammadi, Payvand

Picturing ourselves – 1953, 1979, 2009: Golbarg Bashi, Tehran Bureau


Sunday July 12

Who will win the next phase – Ahmadinejad or Iraq’s Ayatollah Sistani?:  David Paul, Huffington Post

Moussavi shifts to allegations of purchasing votes – and still falls short:  Kaveh L Afrasiabi, Midle East Online

Don’t rule out a breakthrough: Hassan Nafaa, Al Arabiya

Will  Iran protestors stay strong?:  Lee Keath, Saudi Gazette

The greatest generation of Iranians: Faramarz Fateh, Iranian.com

Movement for change most powerful in 30 years:  webindia123.com

Reporting on Iran by the numbers: Christopher Dowd, campaigniran.org

Iran’s fear of a Soros-funder velvet revolution: Watching the Watchers

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, head of Guardian Council: Nima Maleki, rabble.ca


Saturday July 11

Power struggle or war of ideology?: Elizabeth Iskander, World Politics Review

Ourt solidarity and theirs: Yasmine,  Iranian.com

18 Tir – fight the power: Tehran Bureau

After the Iranian uprising: Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, MRZINE

Inside the Iranian crackdown:  Farnaz Fassihi, Wall Street Journal

A deeper look at the Iranian firewall:  Craig Labovitz, Arbor Networks

Karroubi warns of ‘unimaginable consequences’: Los Angeles Times


Friday July 10

September may bring push for Iran sanctions: Robert Burns,  AP

Talks with Iran by September?: Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation

Turmoil turns Iran’s energy sector towards China: Anna Fifield, The Peninsula

In Iran the fight goes on: Lisa daftari, aina.org

Iran’s revolution not about to implode: Alistair Crooke, gulfnews.com

Less words, more action needed to deal with Iran: Ryan Witt, examiner.com

Can Iran’s protesters keep up momentum?: Lee Keath, AP

A green wave for life and liberty: Asef Bayat, Open Democracy

Vote critics remain defiant:  Golnaz Esfandiari, rferl.org

What happened yesterday in Iran?:  James Vega, Democratic Strategist

The Iran option that isn’t on the table: Vali Nasr and Ray Takeyh, Washington Post

Inside Evin: Tehran Bureau


Thursday July 9

Iran exile speaks out against militia he once supported:  Borzou Daragahi, LAT

New chapter begins as Syria and Saudi resume relations:  Phil Sands, The National

An epistemic shift in Iran: Hamid Dabashi, The Brooklyn Rail

Presidential elections ‘the most improvised moment in Iranian  history’:  Ali Delforoush, payvand.com

What is Muslim land?: cleveland.indymedia.org

Post-heroic Europe and the struggle in Iran: Patrick Holden, euobserver.com

Clerics discontent challenges Iran leader: msnbc.com


Wednesday July 8

Shark attack: Genieve Abdo, Foreign Policy

The dumming down of democracy: Daniel Henninger, WSJ

A peek inside Iran shows protests fading under withering gaze: Sam Dagher, NYT

The 9th of July, 18th of Tir:  Michael Ledeen, pajamasmedia.com

Iran’s stolen election: Ahmad Salamatian, Tehran Bureau

Legitimation crisis: Gareth Smyth, Tehran Bureau

Faith no more: Tehran Bureau

Calculating Syria – the less it has the more it wants:  Michael Young, The National

Misreading Tehran: Suzanne Maloney, National Interest Online


Tuesday July 7

Ayatollah Khamenei waged the wrong war: Asien Mir, The Washington Times

Iran’s eye-gougers: Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation

A generational divide typical of Iranian American families:  Raja Abdulrahim and Alexandra Zavis, Chicago Tribune

Judging the Iranian election:  William Blum, Scoop

Silence has consequences for Iran:   Jose Maria Aznar, Cleveland Indy Media Centre

What Obama should have said to Iran: Debi Ghate, Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

Despite hardships, smuggling persists:  Kamal Chomani, Niqash

US revives talk of Iran-Taliban ties:  Gareth Porter, Asia Times

Soraya’s warning to the mullahs:  Steven Emerson, agoravox.com


Monday July 6

Say it ain’t so Joe:  Marc Lynch, Foreign Policy

The thugs who lead Iran’s leader: Gary Sick, Daily Beast

Picnicking outside Tehran’s dreaded prison:  Sara Farhang, The East African

Deconstructing Roger Cohen’s manufacturing consent on Iran vote fraud: Kaveh L Afrasiabi, Middle East Online

How Iraq war clouded Obama’s judgment on Iran: Nader Mousavizadeh,  The New Republic

Continuing geopolitical fallout from US timidity during Carter years: John Metzler, worldtribune.com

Iran and the new Japanese head of the IAEA: Shirzad Azad, American Chronicle

Consolidating the electoral coup in Iran:  Reza Fiyouzat, payvand.com

Iran’s best-selling author on Ahmadinejad: Interview with Farhad Jafari, ohmynews.com

The death of the republic:  Rasool Nafisi, Tehran Bureau

Here’s the real message behind Iran’s disputed election:  Ehud Ya’ari, WA Today

Khamenei on the way out?:  Hossein Askari, National Interest online

Hiding unrest in the purple haze of conspiracy:  David Aaronovitch, The Times

Reformers hold firm in Iran:  Robert Dreyfuss, Tehran Bureau


Sunday July 5

How could Iran’s hardliners choose the next supreme leader?:  Mazyar Mokti, Charles Recknagel, Radio Free Europe

Made in Iran – defending the protests: Reese Erlich, Green Left Online

Iran shows its human face: Jonathan Freedland, Mail & Guardian Online

Iranian uprising – beginning of the end: National Council of resistance of Iran

Part I: Iran will never return to the past

Part II: Which path will the rival factions choose?

Part III: Prospects of the uprising

The significance of 18 Tir: Jason Rezaian, Tehran Bureau

Iranian feminism after June 2009:  Golbarg Bashi, Tehran Bureau

Shariat-Madari – try Moussavi and Karroubi: translation by Juan Cole, juancole.com

Reading independence day in Iran: W Scott Harrop and R K Ramazani, payvand.com

This Iranian form of theocracy has failed:  Mohsen Kadivar, Der Spiegel

On both sides the hawks circle, spoiling for a fight: Tony Karon, The National Abu Dhabi

Lebanon may need storm windows to protect itself against Iran’s tempest:  Daily Star, Lebanon

Islam and the myths of unity and peace: Lee Jay Walker, The  Seoul Times

The Persian ploy: Jeff Huber, campaigniran.org


Saturday July 4

Help the Iranian people by killing them:  Spencer Ackerman, The Washington Independent

Iran’s British stooges are staring right at you: Dominic Lawson, The Sunday Times

Letter from Tehran: with the marchers:  The New Yorker

Why the Wesy should back off:  Rakesh Krishnan Simha, opednews.com

Mullahs display ‘confessions’ of reformers:  Rick Moran, American Thinker

US & Iran – solving a needless conflict: Arnold Keyser, nj.com

Syria aims to mend US, Arab ties: Wall Street Journal

The end of radical Islam: Joshua Muravchik, oregonlive.com

Confusion over Iran’s demonstrations: Jalil Bahar, iranian.com

Ahmadinejad faces diplomatic isolation: Jeffrey Fleishman and Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times

Tehran dispatch – Basijis hang around, doing nothing: anonymous, salon.com


Friday July 3

Ten days of anguish, abuse: Los Angeles Times

Iran’s green wave: Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation

Iran votes again: Rosemary Righter, Times Literary Supplement

Islamic revival tests Azerbaijan’s tolerance: Hurriyet

Secret Rome meeting recounted by spy case figure: Jeff Stein, CQ Politics

Statement from the mourning mothers of Iran:  larasetrakian.com

Thug who imposes the law in Tehran:  Inside of Iran

I must go home to Iran again: Marjane Satrapi, New York Times

Stop appeasing the ayatollahs:  Daniel Hannan, telegraph.co.uk

Tehranian homesick blues:  Matthew Nojiri, abc news

What next in Iran?:  Amotz Asa-El, Jerusalem Post

Baker suggests rattling nukes at Iran:  Brent Gardner-Smith, Aspen Daily News

Conversation with a young female relative in Iran:  Setareh Sabety, iranian.com

Ultra-conservatives may see chance to revive ‘wilting’ revolution: Mazyar Mokti, Charles Recknagel, Radio Free Europe

Repression is a sign of hope:  Rick Salutin, rabble.ca

Keeping hope alive in Iran:  Bagher Moin, Inside of Iran

Attacks, arrests slowing online news:  Doug Gross, cnn.com


Thursday July 2

Mr President, why’s Europe leading the US on Iran?: Daily Kos

Iran’s leaders fear their own people most: Shaazka Beyerle, Daily Star Lebanon

Rewards of Syrian diplomacy: Patrick Seale, gulfnews.com

Public anger to fuel peaceful resistance: Michael Theodoulou, The National

How Ahmadinejad supporters view upheaval:  Sanaz Arjomand, Perspectives

An agressive Iran policy would be what exactly?:  Tim Fernholz, The American Prospect

Analysts say Russian influence on Iran very limited:  Andre de Nesnera, Voice of America

Obama’s selective meddling: Cal Thomas, Real Clear Politics

US uses false Taliban aid charge to pressure Iran:  Gareth Porter, ipsnews.net

Has CIA been caught in Iran’s cookie jar again?:  Esam al-Amin, thepeoplesvoice.org

An Obama doctrine?: Clifford D May, National Review

A suddenly most unwelcome guest: Amir Taheri, New York Post

Six reasons Iran can’t be explained in a Twitter feed:  Jalal Ghazi, New America Media

Things you need to know about Twitter security: Chris Crum, Web Pro News

Accomplice to an assassination? newmajority.com

Book publisher recalls week-long ordeal in prison:  Borzu Daragahi, Los Angeles Times

Time for an Israeli strike?:  John R Bolton, Washington Post

Let the usurpers writhe: Roger Cohen, New York Times

The writing on the wall: Tehran Bureau


Wednesday July 1

Students on Iran’s future:  Weiai Xu, ohmynews.com

Without the Islamic republic: Arash Irandoost, Arutz Sheva 7

Tyranny loses in Iran: Abbas Milani, Forbes

Brainstorming Iran – an X-ray of immediate history: Al Giordano, The Field

Arrested, beaten and raped – an Iranian protesters tale: Esfandiar Poorgiv, Guardian

Demonstrators may face execution while West looks away: Vincent Bordini, examiner.com

Active list of global protests

Global online petition to International Court of Justice

No refuge: Tehran Bureau

The widening divide: Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau

How can Iranians mend their broken Islamic reoublic?: Adrian Hamilton, Independent

Iran’s do-it-yourself revolution: Stephen Zunes, Huffington Post

Hardliners underestimated Moussavi: Richard Beeston, The Times

Iranians armed with indignation: Roger Cohen, Korea Times

Iran vulnerable to economic pressures: Robert Wiener, New Jersey Jewish News

Finding the ayatollahs’ tipping point: Naomi Wolf, Daily Star Lebanon


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