September 2009

September 30

How to press the advantage with Iran: Flynt Leverett, New America Foundation
Iran plays chicken with nukes: Phil Flynn, Futures Magazine
Chris Dodd eagerly joins the ugly, intemperate demonisation of Iran: Salon
What Iran wants – interview with Manuchehr Mottaki: Council on Foreign Relations
Look at UN sanctions on Iran for nuclear programme: San Luis Obispo Tribune
Accelerated war in Afghanistan is a back door to initiate war with Iran: Earthtimes
Iran sanctions: – who really wins?: Javad Salehi-Isfahani, Brookings Institution
The implications of Iran’s second enrichment plant: Ephraim Asculai, Canada Free Press
What will China’s rising influence mean for the Middle East region?: Editorial, Daily Star
A state which claims its supreme leader is ‘discovered’ has a very difficult time: Haider Hamoudi, Daily Star
Iran’s challenge: Kashmir Observer
Forget the nukes: Robert Kagan, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
‘Who wears short coats?’ – Encounters with Iranian police: New University Online
US story on nuke facility doesn’t add up: Gareth Porter, IPS News


September 29

Factbox: What Iran experts are saying about sanctions: Reuters
Factbox: US weighs sanctions options for Iran: Reuters
Key facts to keep in mind while opposing war against Iran: Phil Wilayto, Center for Research on Globalization
Iran? Let the innocent throw the first stone: Burak Bekdil, Hurriyet Daily News
My name is Farshad Kholghi, and I am a free man: Farshad Kholghi, EuropeNews
Iran on brink of having nuclear bomb, using it: Jim Meyers,
Assad skillfully plays East against West: Amir Mizroch, Jerusalem Post
Iran’s threat against the free world: Editorial, Diario las Américas
Scott Ritter warns against “politically motivated hype on Iran”: Democracy Now
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Huthis: Hamad Al-Majid, Asharq Alawsat
Iranians seek refuge in Turkey: Iason Athanasiadis, Washington Times
Interview with Jafar Panahi, part one: Peter Keough, The Boston Pheonix
Interview with Jafar Panahi, part two: Peter Keough, The Boston Pheonix
What Is Iran Afraid Of?: Anne Applebaum, Slate
When did Iran begin building Qom nuclear facility?: Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau


September 28

Beware of Iranians bearing talks: Ray Takeyh, Council on Foreign Relations
Ahmadinejad should watch his back: Simon Tisdall, Guardian
Learning the Soviet lesson on Iran: Roger Stern and Bernard Haykel, History News Network
Tracking Iran’s slide into chaos: Robin Wright, Time/Yahoo! News
For peaceful purposes:
Nuclear non-proliferation – the missing words: Alan Hart, Alarab online
Fissures have opened up within regime hierarchy in Iran: OfficialWire
Reason why Iran’s Green movement has no support in Kurdistan: Loghman H Ahmedi, Kurdish Aspect
Digging, clues revealed Iranian site: Pamela Hess, AP
For China, Iran uranium plant no game changer: Emma Graham-Harrison, Reuters
When is Iran going to give us back our islands in the Gulf?: Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Independent
Qom could be watertight intelligence on Iran’s real intentions: ISRIA
Is Obama abandoning ‘engagement’ policy with Iran? : Reza Ghorashi, Payvand
Iran’s global foray has mixed results: Steve Stecklow and Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ
How to exterminate revenge: Massoud Behnoud, Rooz Online


September 27

Has Iran violated its nuclear safeguards obligations?: Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau
Discovering Iran’s secret plant has wiped off Ahmadinejad’s smile: Con Coughlin, The Telegraph
Another round of tough wrangling: Xinhua
Don’t Israel’s nuclear weapons count?: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Independent
Medvedev leaves wiggle room on sanctions: Gregory L White, Wall Street Journal
Confront Tehran now in pursuit of a nuclear-free world: Paul Wolfowitz, Financial Times
There lies empire: Paul Craig Roberts, Pacific Free Press
Avoiding the unthinkable: Barry Rubin, Global Politician
The US and Iran – a manufactured crisis: Jack A Smith, Center for Research on Globalization
Does Tehran have a Plan C?: Richard Dalton, Guardian
China’s oil needs affect Iran ties: Shai Oster, Wall Street Journal
Questions, treaties and safeguards: Daily Kos
Russia – Iran’s enigmatic ally and key crisis player: Stuart Williams, Jordan Times
Time to put the house in order: Abdullah Al Shayji, GulfNews
Measuring Iran’s economic misery: Steve H. Hanke, GulfNews
The ugly American: Bruce Walker, American Thinker
Mideast host seeks to calm jitters on America’s Cup: Brian Murphy, Sail World


September 26

Obama’s shrewd Iran policy: Jacob Heilbrunn, Huffington Post
China is the key to unlocking Iran: Editorial, Times Online
Should any Iraq lessons be applied to Iran?: Glenn Greenwald, History News Network
The perils of an Israeli airstrike on Iran: Tony Allen-Mills, Times Online
How’s Obama doing on Iran so far?: Peter Feaver, Foreign Policy
Sanctions won’t stop Iran: Con Coughlin, GulfNews
Bad news for Iranians:
Two minutes to midnight: Rudolf Steiner, The People’s Voice
Islam and terrorism – part one: John Duffey,
Islam and terrorism – part two: John Duffey,
Islam is misunderstood!: Amil Imani, Right Side News


September 25

As Ahmadinejad speaks, another Iranian is silenced: Stephen Inskeep, NPR
Protesting against dictators – Ahmadinejad and the Shah: Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau
Ejei steps in to find Karroubi’s lost marbles: Hana H, Tehran Bureau
Iran has been caught red-handed: Simon Tisdall, Guardian
Disclosure of nuclear plant adds to Iran rift: Jeffrey Fleishman and Ramin Mostaghim, LAT
Defining away our differences: Mark Steyn, Washington Times
Leader of the Free World no more: Editorial, Washington Times
Calculating output of the new Iranian plant: FAS Strategic Security Project
Bahais, superstitionism and the Iranian identity (Part 2): Aram Anahid, Iran Press Watch
Bahais, superstitionism and the Iranian Identity (Part 1): Aram Anahid, Iran Press Watch
Islamic nonviolence – the Iranian example: Amitabh Pal, alt.muslim
How secrecy over Qom nuclear facility was finally blown away: timesonline
Nuclear revelation reinforces sanction determination in US Congress: Dan Robinson, VOA News
Iran fallout scenarios: Moni Basu, Melissa Gray and Joe Sterling, CNN
Iran, Russia and the missile chess game: Katherine Butler, The Independent
Iran’s nuclear blunder: Heather Hurlburt, Guardian


September 24

Iran – spinning out of control: Editorial, Guardian
The Iranian malaise: Amir Taheri, Asharq Alawsat
Middle East peace – Obama’s choice: Aijaz Zaka Syed, Arab News
President Obama’s sound nuclear statesmanship: Editorial, Independent
How the West’s enemies are saving it: Barry Rubin, Global Politician
Iran’s internal problems curb regional ambitions: Taieb Mahjoub, AFP


September 23
Chummy chatter from Obama and Medvedev: Andrew Malcolm, Los Angeles Times
Wrecking Iran: Brian Cloughley, Daily Times
Iran! Iran! Iran!: Bill Ardolino, Long War Journal
Keen for Green – Iran’s underground fashion week: Rohin Guha, BlackBook Magazine
The spy who loved Hamas. And Hezbollah. And Iran: David Sanuels, Mother Jones
Ahmadinejad’s vision: Amil Iman,
Amanpour – White House ‘confused’ on Iran: CNN


September 22
World should shun Iranian leader: Akbar Ganji, CNN
Is Obama’s ME plan going the way of the Saudi peace plan?: Zvi Mazel, Jerusalem Post
Seems like old times: Paul Greenberg, New Bern Sun Journal
War through weakness: Cal Thomas, The
Interview with Iran’s nuclear program director: Free Internet Press


September 21
Iran’s strategy has already made gains: Achraf El Bahi, National
Iran uprising and the fear-mongering of the obsolete revolutionary left:


September 20
Iran and Israel and children of Ester: Abbas Sadeghian, OpEdNews
Obama’s gamble: Editorial, Arab News
Ahmadinejad heads for UN, slammed at home and scorned abroad: Jay Deshmukh, AFP
Missile defence system … intercepting Iran’s threat: Editorial, Naples Daily News
Obama has difficult choices on Iran: Frida Ghitis, Macon Telegraph
Iran in great danger: Editorial, Daily Nation
The Lees and the Shahs of Iran: Abdul Gafoor, The Temasek Review (blog)
Iran modernity and the self: Media Channel


September 19

Obama aims to isolate Iran and protect Gulf countries: Gulf Daily News
Advantage Russia: Gulf Daily News
Nuclear scandal – Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan: Simon Henderson, Times Online
Obama wants Iran squeezed, Israel reassured: Robert Burns, Jordan Times
Ahmadinejad’s raving lunatic anti-semitism: Juan Cole, History News Network
Missile shield scrapped but same battle lines over Iran: Tony Karon, National
Update on Iranian missile intelligence: Thomas Joscelyn, The Weekly Standard
Obama and Ahmadinejad – the politics of face time: Helene Cooper, New York Times
Unrest in Iran: Editorial, Khaleej Times
How to talk to Iran: Roger Cohen, Khaleej Times
IPI not yet over, Iran India still in bed with each other: Gerson Lehrman Group
Families bear brunt of prisoners’ plight in Iran: Scheherezade Faramarzi, AP
Rape, torture and murder of prisoners as regime policy: Bay Area Indymedia
Yemen smoulders:  Strategy Page


September 18
Obama administration resets tone of US-Russian relations: Teodor Stan,
Cold war vs post-cold war: Qazi Hussain Asghar, Pakistan Observer
Big steps with move of missiles: Steven R Hurst, American Chronicle
Iran Intelligence Report: psychological warfare?: Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, Middle East Online
Which path to Persia?: Dan Dombey, Financial Times
Sewn in secret  –  Iranian designers: Newsweek
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has a lot to lose : Rasool Nafisi, Payvand


September 17
One and a half moments of sanity: Stephen M Walt, Foreign Policy
‘Torture, murder and rape’ — Iran’s way of breaking the opposition: Martin Fletcher, Times Online
Quds Day in Iran – velvet revolution trumps nuclear negotiations: Mehdi Khalaji and Patrick Clawson, ME Apparent
Economist – gasoline sanctions may help Iranian regime: Paul Merolli, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly
Helping the revolution: Michael Petrou,
Iran cannot silence its opposition: Trudy Rubin, Sacramento Bee
Ahmadinejad’s desperate gamble: Ranj Alaaldin and Nicholas Zanjani , Guardian


September 16

US, Iran and the nuclear issue
Don’t disturb the diplomats: Editorial, Haaretz
How to talk to Iran: Roger Cohen, NYT
Is this really progress with Iran?: Emily B Landau, CBS News
Why Europe wants stiffer sanctions: Robert Marquand, Christian Science Monitor
The Kremlin wants a war in Iran: Dimitry Sidorov,
Obama has difficult choices in Iran: Frida Ghitis, Standard Net
Israel’s nuclear arsenal endangers us all: Jeff Gates, Pakistan Observer
The latest on bombing or talking to Iran: Eric Etheridge, NYT
Guide to a big mistake – US decision to talk with Iran: Barry Rubin, Global Politician
The unjust imprisonment of Kamiar and Arash Alaei : Hossein Sohrevardi, Payvand
Bubbling cauldron of Baluchistan: Asif Haroon Raja, Pakistan Observer
Just another American hit man, actor and journalist in Iran: Robert Mackey, New York Times
The Syrian paradox – playing the spoiler to stay relevant: Michael Young, National
Moral bankruptcy of Green leaders and Qods Day:
Iranian heritage deserves better than a factory farm: The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies


September 15
Obama is pushing Israel toward war: Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
The mullah’s rewrite of Iran’s ancient history: Sheda Vasseghi , World Tribune
Proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia: Peter Goodspeed, National Post
Misreading the Iranian situation: George Friedman, Right Side News
Is the IRI Really “Independent”?:
Iran’s revolution grows up: Jon B Alterman, World Politics Review
When will we ever stop assasinating?:
US strategic objectives: Ed Corcoran, Global Security
Iran’s aviation regulation seen as a factor in air crashes: Borzou Daragahi, LAT


September 14

Analysis: testing time for Obama on Iran, N Korea: Robert Burns, The Associated Press


September 13

US seeks to fragment Iran and Pakistan: Voltaire Network
No dialogue with the deaf neighbour: Abdullah Al Shayji, GulfNews
Turkmen plans to build naval base revive Caspian debate: Kulpash Konyrova, New Europe
Rethinking our Iran strategy Robin Wright and Robert Litwa, LAT
Twitter is now all I have: Mahasti Afshar, Huffington Post


September 12

Our reporter, Ahmadinejad’s prisoner: Jon Meacham, New York Times
Nuke-free planet – an illusion: Mohammad Jamil, The Nation, Pakistan
Will UN sideline human rights concerns?: Los Angeles Times
Chamberlain had more spine: Power Line
Appeasement runs riot in the West: Michael Leeden, Nationan Review Online
The complexities of human sexuality and Islamic laws ain Iran:
On the road in rural Iran: Jini Reddy, Guardian


September 11

This week at war – Gates fishes for friends in the Persian Gulf: Robert Haddick, Foreign Policy
Regime change is dead, long live regime change.: John P. Hannah, Foreign Policy
Iranian street protests hit big screen in Venice: Paul Casciato, New York Times
Dirty mullahs in Iran: Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, American Chronicle
Iran policy reveals split between US Jewish and Israeli left: Ron Kampeas, Cleveland Jewish News
Does Hollywood have guts to glorify this messiah?:


September 10

Raped and beaten for daring to question Ahmadinejad’s election: Martin Fletcher, The Times
First invasion lasted 1300+ years; how long for #2?: Faramarz Fateh,
Understanding Iran’s power struggle: David Ignatius, Indianapolis Star
Will Russia and China pitch in?: The Economist


September 9

Iran won’t benefit much from Venezuelan gasoline: Peter Eisner, Worldfocus
Iranian dissident describes terrifying prison ordeal: Scheherezade Faramarzi,
How Obama hopes to restart the Middle East peace talks: Massimo Calabresi, Time
Robert Morgenthau’s black propaganda: Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation.
The Emerging Axis of Iran and Venezuela: Robert M Morgenthau, WSJ
Iraq’s ‘Garden of Eden’ waterway facing catastrophe: Kuwait Times
Ahmadinejad pro-woman? Critics doubt it: Kuwait Times
Iran’s veneer of nuclear compromise could fend off sanctions: Bronwen Maddox, Times Online
Deal with Ayatollah Khamenei to make any progress with Iran: David Ignatius, Daily Star
Mehdi Karroubi becomes voice of Iranian opposition: Ramin Mostaghim and Borzou Daragahi, Express Buzz
It’s time to boycott Press TV, Iran’s propaganda machine: Ed West,
Why bombing Iran’s nuclear sites will not be easy: Michael Hughes,
This is our fight: Jahanshah Javid,
Revealing Document: Khamenei CAREFULLY planned the slaughter of thousands:
Ahmadinejad and the Mahdi: Mohebat Ahdiyyih, Middle East Quarterly
Night of the long knives? Sinister new phase in crackdown: homylafayette.blogspot


September 8

Saudis threatened by Al-Qaeda terror, Yemeni rebels: Henry Meyer, Bloomberg
Where is Iran headed?: Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau
Where are Muslims treated like this on Ramadan?: Sara Samavati, Rooz Online
They are confused about managing the country: Hossein Mohammadi, Rooz Online


September 7

The importance of Shia-Sunni dialogue: Maulana Waris Mazhari, American Muslim
Mir-Kazemi: – Iran’s new man with a plan: Kevin Baxter,
Qom and Tehran – two different attitudes and directions: Ataollah Mohajerani, Asharq Alawsat
US scholar on trial in Iran: Eli Lake, Washington Times
My revolutionary friends: Setareh Sabety, Tehran Bureau


September 6

Coup leaders afraid to face the people: Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau
Another cultural revolution?: Rasool Nafisi, Tehran Bureau
Ahmadinejad promotes free Israel trips: Marsha B Cohen, Tehran Bureau
Arms dealer’s arrest exposes Iran’s smuggling: Devlin Barrett, AP
Quo Vadis, Iran? No veni, vidi, vici in your thinking: Joschka Fischer, New Europe
Dirty Mullahs in Iran: Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, Weekly Blitz
Fiorina, eyeing Senate run, faces questions over HP sales in Iran: Naiomi Solomon, Ethiopian Review


September 5

With Iran in tumult, now is not time for to apply pressure: Trudy Rubin, Great Falls Tribune
Iran’s flip-flopper Supreme: Roger Cohen, Khaleej Times
US dishonours its promise to Iranian refugees: Christopher Booker,
For Assad, conflict is a raison d’etre: Jonathan Spyer, International Analyst Network
Rape in the mullahs’ prisons: Jahanshah Rashidian,
Woman’s case reflects prisoners’ treatment in Iran: Scheherezade Faramarzi, AP
Jafari – Khatami aiming to eliminate leader: Bahram Rafiee, Rooz Online
IRGC declartes open war on reform movement: Tehran Bureau


September 4

To entice Tehran, Washington must ‘get real’: William deB Mills, MWC News
Is Moscow playing a double game on Iran’s nukes?: William Tobey, Foreign Policy
Are you going to Ahmadinejad’s party?:
Iran cannot return to status quo: Joel Brinkley, StandardNet
Iran is complicating the 21st century: Amir Oren, Haaretz
OK, the cabinet’s in, has Ahmadinejad ‘won’?: Scott Lucas, Enduring America
Iranian blogger does about-face: Thomas Erdbrink, Washington Post
A place called Evin: Fariba Amini,
IRGC’s deep-rooted animosity for reformists: Muhammad Sahimi, Tehran Bureau
Khamenei’s paranoia, the Revolutionary Guards and the rifts in the system: VOA Newstalk


September 3
Detainee abuse and Iran’s power struggle: Link TV
No signs of Iranian flexibility on nuclear programme: George Perkovich, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Attempts to mediate between Iraq and Syria are welcome: Editorial, Lebanon, Daily Star
Battle on the Arabian peninsula: Ryan Mauro, AINA
Iraq’s new war is a fight for water: Phil Sands and Nizar Latif, The National
Supreme Leader stokes fears of new cultural revolution: Golnaz Esfandiari, Armand Mostofi,
Islamic regime’s pathetic attempt to try to tarnish my reputation: Sayeh Hassan, Canada Free Press


September 2

The cheapening of Iranian blood:
Anahita – Lady of Persia: Nabarz,
Buying defence against Iran: Strategy Page
Al-Maliki turns his back on Iran: Nimrod Raphaeli. Middle East Media Research Institute
Ban Iranian leaders from Canada: Payam Akhavan, National Post


September 1

With strife in Iran, US should put brakes on applying pressure: Trudy Rubin, American Chronicle
Iran’s long history of online opposition: Cyrus Farivar, World Politics Review
Lawyer spent 10 weeks in prison ‘for nothing’: Ramin Mostaghim and Borzou Daragahi, LAT
Weber, Habermas, and the present Islamic cultural revolution: Azadeh Azad,
Taking apart the regime’s defences (Shahryar v Afrasiabi): Josh Shahryar (aka NiteOwl), Anonymous Iran


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